How to Stay Ahead of Competitors in Social Media?

Businesses are often confused about the exact amount of time, effort and money they should invest in social media. But as in all other branches of digital marketing, social media is evolving and changing all the time. Here are some activities which you can do on social media to gain on edge over your competitors:-

Follow the feeds of your competitors

Instead of considering competitors as a threat, follow most of the competitors in your area and create a Twitter list. By doing so, you can have an idea about the exact type of promotions they are offering, the potential customers whom you can engage with and who you should follow. You can take the help of a reliable company which offers SMO Services for this purpose.

Make a Twitter list of your influencers

Twitter is one of the most underrated social media platforms. It is must for every firm to find influencers in its niche to ensure that they can retweet appropriate content to their followers. In case you want to follow influencers who are outside your niche, then utilize your personal Twitter account instead of the business one.

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Devote your time to blogging

It is true that you can boost your ROI through PPC campaigns within a short span of time. But the major problem with paid ads is that the instant you stop it, you lose a potential customer. In contrast, blogging is free and can help you generate organic traffic within a short span of time. To create an impactful blog you will first and foremost have to create emotion.

Focus on emotions such as anger, disgust, joy, fear etc. Go for a catchy title and try to incorporate the targeted keywords in it. Also incorporate catchy images which relate well with the content of your blog. The more informative the content of your blog the better. If time is a major constraint, you can take the help of a company which offers SEO Services in Delhi.

Use only a single platform for sharing

Once you start creating 2 or 3 blogs in a week, you are likely to share them across different social media platforms. But does your target audience actually view it? You can make use of platforms such as Triberr in which Twitter users of your niche share contents of others with their followers for free.


Are you looking for ways to get ahead of your competitors on social media? You can take the help of companies which offer SMO services to create informative blogs and share them on blogging platforms like Triberr.

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