Top 3 Free Link Building Tools Webmaster Must Look at for 2018

Link building has always been the best strategies for improved visibility, increased ranking, and more SEO potential. According to the latest update of Penguin, low-quality links will no longer help in search engine optimization. So, website owners need new tactics to meet with Google’s new algorithm update Penguin 4.0.

If you’ve just start search engine optimization and your pocket size is not strong enough to make the higher investment then use any of the free link building tools recommend by top SEO Company in Delhi.

1.      Open Site Explorer

It is the most useful SEO tools used for link building and does not cost anything to use. Open Site Explorer or OSE, in short, is a tool widely used for link analysis. You can prevent a website from Google penalty by researching the manual or automated link spam. It is recommended to use this freemium link building tool to find the backlinks of your own website and competitors too.


  • Easy to use and do perfect link analysis
  • Best to compare backlinks between numbers of domains


  • It can be poor in new data metrics until another crawls next month

2.      Raven SEO Tools

This is an excellent free tool that provides the best source for effective link building strategy. It is basically a link manager tool that works with an integration of site finder and backlink explorer to offer the backlink sources. You can use it to do successful competitor research and analysis in order to find out which keywords your competitors are targeting for improved ranking.


  • Provides sources for more free SEO tools
  • Top excellent tool for outreach management for link building


  • It is dependent on link data given by majestic and open site explorer tool.

3.      Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is the tool that gives a user with a faster insight into the numbers of domains they’re currently using, total numbers of backlinks, and the domain linking to the specific URL. As compare to other tools available online, it provides more relevant details about links. It has a backlink database also known as the historical index which consists of almost 850 billion links.

Majestic is the only free online tool that allows a user to get the report of backlinks gained by the own website and that by competitor’s also as it analyzes the website links on a regular basis.


  • Provide report on irrelevant growth of backlinks
  • Allows user to track and audit profile of backlink of own website
  • Gives instant data
  • Helps to analyze the strength of specific page on the basis of gathered data about backlink


  • Identify links from penalized sites
  • Sometimes give inaccurate data
  • Provides no details on top pages for in-depth analysis

If you’re wondering how to use these tools and whether they provide the effective results or not then hire leading companies providing SEO Service Delhi. As every SEO tool has own advantages and disadvantages, it might be difficult for you to decide which one to choose. Taking the help of experts can assist you to make the right decision.


These 3 free online link building tools are awesome to make the link building journey a success and discover the more opportunities for real-time and useful results. Last year in 2017, Google has killed many websites for low-quality links after the update in Google’s Penguin algorithm. So, choose the tool that suits better with your project and need.

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